Advice & product development

Advice & product development

Embrace technology, preserve tradition

The shipbuilding industry has deep roots in tradition, with craftsmen using centuries-old techniques. Yet it is crucial not to overlook innovation. The use of PVC and non-PVC films is often uncharted territory in this field. This is unfortunate because modern film applications can offer significant improvements in functionality and aesthetics.


Yachtcolors is your trusted partner to discover the unique applications of foil in the shipbuilding industry. With our expertise, we help you understand the advantages, disadvantages and potential risks.

Product development

At Yachtcolors, we are very active in research and product development. We manage this process internally, but also work closely with manufacturers. We sit down with them and actively contribute to the design of the films and development of the adhesive layer. Occasionally, a specific customer request may trigger the development of an entirely new product.

Fully in-house & latest techniques

Full in-house. Yachtcolors manages the entire process internally, starting from the initial design phase to production and assembly. Through close collaboration, we transform your ideas, even the most adventurous, from an initial concept to a stunning realization.

Latest technology. We use advanced HD printing technology to bring your images to life, and we can produce them in virtually unlimited sizes, maintaining razor-sharp clarity and without any distortion.