A yacht with a personal touch
We have been processing self-adhesive film in the automotive and yacht industry since 1978. We are distinguished by knowledge, technology and quality. This enables us to perform tasks that others cannot do. But we also know very well where the limits are.

Good work is customized work. The client's needs and expectations always determine the approach. The proper application of the right materials then ensures excellent results. The entire process, from initial design to production and execution, takes place in-house. We like a personal approach and like to communicate through short and clear lines of communication.

Our services

Restyle Interior

DI-NOC from 3M is the ideal choice for superyacht interiors that need to be both impressive and durable. Discover the revolution in interior design!

Restyle exterior

A different color? A design of your own? Any design, any pattern and any color is possible. Transform the entire yacht or choose accents.


Yacht builders all struggle with the same challenge: fragile surface. We offer both permanent (transparent) protection and temporary protection. Discover a world of possibilities!


Our active research and close cooperation with manufacturers results in customized film applications. We provide you with actionable advice!

Active since 1978

Few challenges are new to us.

On-site assembly

We operate worldwide.

Experienced mechanics

Our qualified mechanics have extensive experience.

Premium materials

Cheap is expensive. Therefore, we work only with the best materials.